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About our Edblo Brand:

Edblo beds are made with tried-and-tested components, to exact specifications and to the ISO 9001/2 Quality System. Arguably one of Africa’s most loved bed brands, Edblo is synonymous with value and quality. No wonder Edblo is ‘your bed for a better life’. Choosing Edblo as your sleeping partner is the first step to waking up to a better life!


Not only is Edblo a proudly South African brand, but it’s also proudly world class! Edblo was born in 1927, the product of Len Edelstein and Barney Bloch, who joined the first two letters of their surnames to form the famous brand we know today.

Edblo was the first national bedding company with factories in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and today manufactures more than 500 Edblo base sets every day in five different factories. Edblo’s sleep” print has now even extended into manufacturing in Namibia and Zimbabwe.


Developed and manufactured in South Africa since 1927, Edblo remains a proudly South African bed. Edblo stays up to date with global sleep trends to ensure that we provide you with the latest in sleep technologies to ensure a better night’s rest.

The feature packed new Edblo Supreme Collection features the latest in sleep technology but in true Edblo style – affordable to all!

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A bed is a bed? No. Not all beds are built the same! The process begins with research and development which puts all our components and bed designs through stringent testing. Every Edblo bed is lovingly crafted with your sleep and well-being in mind. Our solid, made-to-last design makes it easy to see why Edblo is everyone’s favourite “bed for a better life”. Start enjoying the benefits of a good night’s sleep today with Edblo!


Edblo Supreme Collection is already well known for value and quality. Our bed sets are expressly designed to add to a very special sleep experience. The Edblo Supreme Collection takes all the great qualities you expect from Edblo, and adds an element of exceptional luxury makes going to bed feel like a well-earned reward!


Each Range has unique features and benefits with varying degrees of comfort choices but one common thread – to provide you with the correct comfort and support you need to get a great night’s rest. Less confusion, less worry, just a good night’s rest with Edblo! Shop online for beds in our Edblo Range.