Sleep tips for seniors

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Ageing impacts many functions in the body and one of them is the ability to get quality sleep.

There are several reasons for this, including natural changes in circadian rhythm (the body’s internal clock), and a decline in hormone production (specifically melatonin and cortisol which influence when we sleep and wake).

Certain health conditions may also interfere with evening slumber. These include  depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes and painful complaints, such as arthritis. Medication can play a role too – antidepressants and corticosteroids are known to contribute to symptoms of insomnia.

For some people, the disruption in sleep is a minor inconvenience, for others it’s a major issue that impacts their mental and emotional wellbeing. Wherever you sit on the scale, it’s important to get the best sleep possible as a tired body is more susceptible to illness.

These simple steps may help to ensure success:

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