Shared bedroom ideas – including how to divide a shared kids room

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Looking for shared bedroom ideas? From decorative dividers and storage solutions to keep kids at arm’s length, these 2-in-1 designs create harmony in the home.

Shared bedroom ideas can be a tough gig to design correctly as there are a lot of variables to weigh up.

From working out how to split a small kids bedroom idea, to deciding the age limit for sharing, there are are lots of decisions to be made when creatively configuring a cute bedroom idea that works.

First you’ve got to tackle privacy, then maybe a separate space for socializing and of course you can’t forget about a functional wardrobe idea – all while trying to keep a younger sibling away from his or her clothes and toys. 

So before you decide to tackle this task head-on (and accumulate a few more grey hairs), consider doing your homework on how to design a kids room.

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