Improve your sleep quality with these bedroom tips

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This is how you can turn your bedroom into a serene sanctuary and improve you’re the quality of your sleep.

Many bedrooms have doubled up as home offices over the last two years as more people have been working from home.

This year could be the right time to reclaim your bedroom as the peaceful haven it should be. Bedrooms are where we retreat for rest and recovery, which is best achieved with soothing colour palettes, comforting textures and quiet.

Try to complement neutral walls with beige, oatmeal and biscuit accents in soft furnishings to create a snug, homely feel, with a few cushions, cotton or wool throws and mats.

Most important, in this regard, will be designing a space conducive to quality sleep. This will mean simplifying the bedroom, removing distractions and creating comfortable beds with inviting cushions and top-quality bedding. In addition, bedside tables should be clear of clutter with perhaps one book and a glass of water.

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