Hygiene tips: Here’s how often you should be washing your bedding and towels

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HYGIENE TIPS throughout the pandemic aren’t limited to washing your hands, you need to wash your bedding, towels and pillows more frequently.

Hygiene has never been more important, and now more than ever we are reminded on a daily basis that the responsibility lies with us to wash our hands thoroughly with soap or use antibacterial gel regularly. But what about the bedding we sleep in every night, and the towels we use to dry ourselves with?

There is plenty of confusion about how often towels and bedding should be washed.

One in 20 people wash their bedding once a month, and a third of people clean them every fortnight. But is this right?

Should it be every week or every month? And what about during the pandemic?

Is there a certain length of recommended time to wait between washes and how often should key items be replaced?

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