How to clean a mattress and get rid of stains and smells

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From spills to dust mites, here’s how to clean a mattress and care for it in the long-term.

Learning how to clean a mattress is important for keeping your sleeping space fresh and hygienic. Even the best mattresses need regular care to stay in good shape, and to keep them free from smells, sweat, dead skin and dust mites. 

You should aim to clean your mattress at least twice a year for general maintenance, but if you spill something on it, tackle that straight away to avoid it causing deep-staining or damage.

If have allergies, you’ll benefit the most from keeping your mattress fresh as regular cleaning kills off allergy-triggering dust mites. A decent mattress protector is your friend here too, while a mattress topper adds an extra layer of (comfy) protection.

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