How long does a mattress last? Plus, key signs that it’s time to upgrade

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Your mattress isn’t for life, but how long can you expect it to last? We look at the numbers…

We spend nearly a third of our lives in bed, so a supportive and comfortable mattress is essential to help us sleep well. On average, the best mattresses have a lifespan of around seven to 10 years (some last much longer). However, how long a mattress lasts depends on a few different factors, which we look at here. 

For example, how you sleep, your weight and whether you share a bed or snooze alone each play a part in how long a mattress lasts. Some materials, such as natural latex, are also more durable and therefore longer lasting.

Here we look at how long the different types of mattresses should last (on average), and point out some key signs that it’s time to upgrade yours. We’ll also share some basic care tips to help you look after your bed so that it lasts longer (and therefore saves you money in the long-term). 

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