Does your bedroom make you sick?

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This was brought home to me recently, while staying in a hotel – all four of us packed into one room.

The kids like to have a bit of light while they sleep. At home we leave the hallway light on, and that’s sufficient. In the hotel room, we had to leave the bathroom light on, with the door ajar. No big sacrifice and nothing we haven’t done before.

Unfortunately on this particular evening, I had to visit the toilet several times, each time tiptoeing around so as not to wake the children. But the bathroom door creaked and scraped so loudly it would have disturbed the dead!

Dragging myself to the loo for the fourth time, I realised the door would have to be left wide open, with the light on, which reflected on a mirror, which lit up the whole room, further preventing me from sleeping.

I do not exaggerate when I say that I slept for 10 minutes that night, and lay there plotting how I would take my revenge on the hotel manager the next morning.

bed and mattress best beds botswana

Everything seems so horribly amplified and monumental in the middle of the night.

More serious than that though, the following morning I suffered a migraine and had to remain in bed while the hubster entertained the kids. That bedroom made me physically sick.

Although my previous posts have covered ways to improve our chances of a good night’s sleep, I haven’t talked about how much our environment can impact on the quality of our rest.

We spend around a third of our lives in the bedroom – fun times. But if you’re anything like me, clutter builds up, bedding gets worn and tattered, the cat starts sleeping on the bed – and we wonder why we feel so crap every morning.

Returning home from that hotel the next day, I wanted to take some time to evaluate whether we’ve got the ambience in our bedroom right. I’ve made a few changes and collected some further helpful tips – which aren’t just my amateur opinions, but are based on solid sleep theory.

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