Do You Wake Up With Neck Pain? You May Be Using The Wrong Pillow!

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Neck pain: The kind of pillow you use influences how much neck pain or back pain you experience in a day. Neck pain induced by sleep can be because of using the wrong pillow. Sleeping on a wrong pillow can leave you with neck and back pain for weeks. Also, improper sleeping position could contribute to both back pain and neck pain. If you experience pain in your neck regularly and/or wake up tired in the morning, it could be because of disturbed sleep caused by using the wrong kind of pillow.

The right kind of pillow is one which supports both your back and neck during sleep. A pillow that is too hard or too tall or even too soft can put your neck in an odd position and cause back and neck pain. Ideally, your pillow should be such that it keeps your head slightly elevated and supports neck, back, head and shoulders as per your sleeping position.

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