Here’s what working out of your bedroom does to your mental health

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So, you’ve set up a workstation in your bedroom. Maybe this was out of necessity – since you live with others who are also working and/or learning remotely.

Or you figured the short commute from bed to desk would allow you to sleep in a few extra minutes. Whatever the reason for setting up your work-from-home station in your bedroom, by now you’ve likely started experiencing some of the drawbacks working from your bedroom can have on your mental health.

“Working from your bedroom can be disruptive to your sleep because your bedroom becomes associated with being alert and awake, especially if you already find it difficult to switch off from work at home,” explains clinical psychologist Dr. Brian Wind.”

You might be unable to fully relax. Your productivity may suffer due to increased feelings of irritation, disconnection and sadness that make it difficult to concentrate during work.”

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