Unable to sleep amid lockdown? Follow THESE evening exercises and sleep like a log

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Many people are facing sleeping issues including insomnia. With the help of some exercises, you can have a sound sleep. Read on to know more.

Falling asleep, especially now, in lockdown is now a herculean task for many. Many people are complaining about insomnia and those who never had sleeping problems are also facing challenges. New daily schedule or lack of a schedule, disturbed circadian rhythm, change in eating habits. low levels of natural light and widespread anxiety are some of the causes of significant sleeping issues. Also, the pressure of work-from-home and simultaneously managing a house can lead to stress and discord and they also act as a barrier to sleep.

How can we forget the excess screen time? Constant zoom calls, hours of working on computers, binge-watching, and browsing apps for news and networking can affect the natural production of melatonin, a hormone that the body makes to help us sleep. And let me tell you that sleeping is very important for our health, especially now, as it also affects the immune system. It also helps to keep our mental health in check, which is currently going for a toss. Instead of popping sleeping pills, do some exercises in the evening which will induce good and sound sleep. 

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